Crowd sourcing and scripts help companies automate some mundane tasks like data entry. A few of these time saving resources boost your productivity for example DaVinci Scripts and VEDIT are a few that are explored in this post. Read More
When the employee best practices of major brands are shared it encourages their use in firms of all sizes. Read More
By Karen Axelton Your business needs employees to run—but sometimes, managing employees can be a pain in the neck. I’m not talking about the personal issues, but all the regulations and paperwork that go along with having a staff—like benefits, insurance, taxes and vacation hours. There is a soluti Read More
Lisa Ann Pinkerton, Founder & President of public relations and marketing firm Technica, found herself turning to virtual assistants when her company’s staffing needs grew. Learn how that strategy contributes to her success. Read More
A human resource manager (HRM) is a person who is mainly involved in the process of trying to get the right person for the right job in an organization. Read More
Financially successful small firms achieve their results in part by communicating the same thing to everyone across multiple internal channels, multiple times. Read More
By Rieva Lesonsky Are you adding part-time employees to your work force as a way to pick up the slack without having to provide the salary and benefits that full-time workers require? Or are you shifting formerly full-time workers to part-time status—either because your business’s workload has dwin Read More
How do you staff a new or growing business? Do you dive right in and hire full- or part-time employees? What about turning to friends and family or a staffing agency for help? Here are some options that you might wish consider as you review and prepare for your short- and long-term business staffi Read More
Human resource is the life blood of all operations in an organization since the people involved in it are the asset of the organization. Whether it is finance, marketing, sales or operations, people and their intelligence is the driving force behind these functions. Human Resource Management deals Read More
By Karen Axelton

As the economy shows signs of picking up, more small businesses are considering hiring employees. If yours is one of them, take some time to think about your hiring process and what it says about your firm. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!