Your objective is to hire qualified applicants. A job description will help you accomplish this objective. Read More
Technically, yes. You can have a person or ( God forbid! ) persons who are very sincere in their efforts to manipulate office politics for the advantage of a few. That few is always their few.
On the other hand, here are some resources and advice for bringing sincerity back to your office culture. Read More
If you are supervising or managing employees and you want to know if they are sure about how to complete their latest assignment. How do you go about finding out? When we want to get our message through, how do we talk to our employees? Are we doing a good job at communicating with each other? Here are some suggestions on effective employee communication: Read More
The percentage of supervisors who lose their jobs because of technical incompetence is quite small as compared to the much greater percentage of supervisors who fail in managerial positions because of the inability to deal effectively with people. Read More
How can you create a culture of appreciation for your small business. Check out how Datotel restructured their employee appreciation program in this article from Employee appreciation can be a powerful tool for your company culture. Consider how you can improve appreciation for your employees and create a better environment at your business. Read More
We all love presents, right? Of course. Think about the times you’ve received a gift from a vendor. It probably made you smile, and you likely felt it was pretty thoughtful (unless you got fruitcake. Then you might have felt confused). Now think what you did after you got the gift. Did you buy from that company again? I bet you did. Read More
Unlike complicated enterprise HR systems, Backbone is built for small business from day one. It was created to make solving simple HR issues simple. We looked at the needs of small business managers, included the best features, and take away everything else. Read More
Punishing employee bloggers is too often as effective as punishing the messenger. The issue may be what employees have been inspired to share whether on a blog or in person. Read More
I was reading Seth Godin’s blog post Career fairs… and how they are the last resort for companies and job-seekers alike, and I realised that the giant job boards on the internet are just the same. Read More
All those lawyers, all those mechanics and all those accountants enjoy their new-found parental status, but why should they be completely lost to the workforce? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!