It’s a fact—towards the end of a recession, when the economy starts perking up—the most talented people start looking around for other opportunities. Read More
5 Steps to Avoid Costly and Preventable Hiring Mistakes.You can’t run a successful business without the right employees. Whether you’re big or small — especially in the present business environment — even one “bad fit” employee can quickly grow into a seriously expensive mistake. Fortunately, there are several excellent ways to soundly evaluate and judge a prospective new hire. Read More
From knowing who to hire next, to ethical and legal concerns, to how to interview the best candidates, to how to evaluate them once they're hired - startups have their work cut out for them when it comes to hiring. If you can afford to hire a trained professional, do so. But if not, you need to learn as much as you can about how to hire the right people. Here's a contribution to your endeavor. Read More
Nowadays businesses talk a lot about outsourcing, citing cost-saving benefits. But is outsourcing really does all good? Here we will learn more about the disadvantages outsourcing may bring. Read More
The cost of employees can be one of the biggest numbers in a small business budget. Consequently, decisions about what to pay employees can cause a small business owner much consternation. The objective is to pay them enough to keep them but not so much that the business can’t make a profit. In this article, I will not attempt to address employee rights or the very thorny issue of whether or not Read More
Time management - Three common problems

When I run time management courses I learn what problems are common to many people

Then I think about what we might do to improve on the situation.

When it comes to time management, there are three very common problems that are shared by almost every busy person.

Let us list them and solve them one by one:

Three common time management problem Read More
You can't force an employee to remain in their job longer than they want to stay employed with you, but there are things that you can do now to increase the likelihood that you'll retain your staff long enough to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them Read More
Combining ambitious goals with a just-do-it culture of employee empowerment is the key to fueling innovation, a group of Google employees said at their session at South by Southwest. Also important: shielding workers from distractions. Read More
Coaching have been on a face to face basis and is usually confined in a definite setting. But because of scientific breakthroughs in the 21st century and technological advances, coaching evolved to what we now call virtual coaching. Read More
It’s been proven that positive attitude does produce personal power. It has helped a number of people.

In many job situations, proper attitude is at least as important as technical ability. Some employees may even have multiple business degrees or a Ph.D., but their attitude still prevents them from becoming effective employees. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!