All those lawyers, all those mechanics and all those accountants enjoy their new-found parental status, but why should they be completely lost to the workforce? Read More
Human resource audits can be critical for small to medium sized businesses just as they are for large corporations. Many companies spend significant time creating human resource policies to comply with various regulations but don't take the time to keep up and insure their policies stay up to date with changing requirements. This post from Barrie Gross at AllBusiness looks at The Importance of Hu Read More
You're a savvy small business owner with smarts, drive and determination, and you surround yourself with employees who possess those same qualities. So instead of always being the one to tell them what to do, why don't you consider opening up the floor to suggestions from them? Read More
Small Businesses Can No Longer Afford To Be Dilettantes When Hiring. Great piece by Patricia Frame. She helps small to mid-size organizations achieve their goals through more effective human capital strategy and management. And she can be reached through her website, Read More
Why you should enlist others to help you identify opportunities for change, By John Milgram, President, Aexcel Corporation | Even the best leaders develop blind spots—areas in which you do not see yourself or your organization’s situation realistically. These blind spots, or lack of awareness, could potentially cause great damage to your company and all the people who depend on it.
Read More
When you are just too busy and need that last minute advice on gifts, Harmony Thiessen has the best 10 staff gifts making the grade for Christmas in 2009. But hurry! Time is of the essence. Read More
How do companies inspire only 29% of their employees to care? Here's 3 easy ways. They must be easy as so many companies do them. Now, if you want to inspire 71% of your employees to care...there are 3 easy ways listed, too. Read More
For BC Canada readers: Free employee training is offered by the BC government through a local chain of agencies. Employee training can boost sales in an economic slump where other marketing efforts may face tight scrutiny. Read More
Joining a new company and learning the ropes can be stressful for new employees. However, faster the employees are comfortable with their new position, the quicker they will begin contributing to your company's growth. Orientation programs are essential to making the process smooth and stress free. Whether you make electrical components or run a timber and wood business, the following tips will h Read More
Today's podcast interview is with Dr. Denis Cauvier bestselling author of the ABCs of Making Money. The podcast interview is on his new book Hired 2.0 - Recruiting Exceptional Talent at the Speed of Light and explores how social media, social networking and Generation Y has changed the way we need to approach recruiting, hiring and keeping great staff. Denis is a long time associate and friend of Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!