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Small businesses with limited resources need to triage negative customer comments and complaints on social media in order to deal with the ones that can damage, and without dignifying insulting comments. Complete with tips on dealing with social media attacks. Read More
Most of the entrepreneurs I advise today are ready to declare success when they get that first surge of traction with a real customer. This is a good sign, but they have no idea that the hard work of scaling the business is still ahead of them. It’s a bit like the heady first days after you’ve fall Read More
Online customer forums and communities are exceedingly powerful tools for building customer loyalty and increasing the long term return on investment (or lifetime value) of each customer.

Learn how to create and run a forum for your small business. Read More
If you run a small business, you might choose to get your online presence going with an online blog, since the costs for entry are close to zero, at least in terms of direct outlay.

The catch is that while it’s easy to set up a WordPress blog, it’s a lot easier to set up a very BAD blog, and a w Read More
The decision to hire that very first employee needs to be carefully considered, not only because there are legal requirements that kick in when you hire employees, but also because having employees means having to enhance your own people and task management skills. It’s simply a completely differen Read More
Do you view your competitors as companies over which you need to triumph? If so you are probably missing out on a key strategy for competing with large companies and corporations, AND a way to market that has virtually no direct cost: Cross and Co-Marketing. Read More
Competing with the “big boys” on the basis of “out experting” them is a cost free or minimal cost NECESSITY in a world that is so complex that its impossible to navigate the available options on one’s own. Provide that expertise, and establish TRUST and you will be amazed how the long term value of Read More
Running a solo business is very different from running a business with very few employees, which is also different from running a business with more than ten employees. These three "phases" require different skills and psychological orientations. Read about them here. Read More
De-escalation of a difficult situation is vital, in order to avoid it becoming a crisis or conflict. Take a look at these de-escalation techniques you should master that will allow you to take control of a situation and defuse a potential conflict. Read More
Many people want to start their own businesses but, what KIND of business is the obvious question.

Answering that isn't always simple, and there's a tendency to look at businesses that are EASY to start, rather than businesses that best suit the skills and ability of the startup owner. Read more Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!