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Every business owner realizes that change is now the norm, and they have to adapt their business quickly to survive and compete. In fact, the best executives seem to see breakthrough changes coming even before they really happen, and are able to turn them into huge new opportunities. In the trade, Read More
To build a new business, founders need a laser focus on providing an innovative solution to a real problem. Once they achieve that initial traction, their focus needs to change for quicker growth. Most business owners dream of achieving the exponential expansion of a Google or Amazon, but few busi Read More
As an advisor to small businesses and entrepreneurs, I too often hear the desire to be a big company. I have to remind owners that there are advantages to being small, and in fact, many large companies leaders wish their business was small again, to let them be more focused on their customer needs Read More
In my experience working for and consulting with mature businesses, almost all do a great deal of talking about the innovation work they are doing, with teams dedicated to the endeavor, and constant reassurance to boards and investors that new ideas are endemic to the organization. I have found tha Read More
One of the business ironies that many new business owners have learned the hard way in the past is that ideas which are truly disruptive carry the highest risk of failure, take the longest to gain traction, and thus are the least likely to get external funding. So some entrepreneurs stick with incr Read More
Intuitively, many business leaders and owners believe that the key to faster growth and success is more products, features, and markets. Since we all have limited resources, and can’t add more hours to the day, the result is usually more things done poorly, rather than a few key things done better Read More
It’s time for all business leaders to understand how predictive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help grow your business, and how it can be implemented and deployed with minimal risk and maximum value returned. In my experience in large companies as well as startups, most Read More
If you define your self-worth as a business professional by how busy you are, it’s time to find another career or lifestyle. We all know people who are extraordinarily busy, but never seem to accomplish anything important. For survival, business leaders need to be all about accomplishing results Read More
Business owners routinely jump into a new venture with a full charge of passion and energy but often find themselves drained of both after a few months by the workload and challenges. As a result, burnout and loss of passion are consistently listed among the top causes of venture failure, according Read More
Every business fears that a single angry and unfair customer can jeopardize their business by a very negative post on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, or one of the hundreds of other consumer complaint and review sources on the Internet. Most owners and leaders don’t even know how to keep track of wh Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!