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You may wonder why Rob Langstaff, the one-time president of Adidas Japan and Adidas America, would leave one of the largest and most successful shoe companies in the world to go off and start his own business. Simple: He recognized that the market lacked men’s footwear that could work in both a cas Read More
Knowing your market inside and out is one of the most essential tasks in running your business. You may think that market research is only for big corporations with big budgets, but in fact smaller businesses can take advantage of all kinds of free resources that are already out there for the takin Read More
Today’s consumer often looks for positive customer reviews before they spend their money. Your business will increase its credibility when it’s visibly backed by users who love your products and services. Not only that, but you could also extend your reach on the Internet if reviews are posted on t Read More
The business-to-business selling process is about executing the basics consistently. In fact, it’s not always the “best” company that wins a new customer, but the one delivering the best pitch. One basic approach, executed perfectly, can be successful time and again. With that in mind, here’s how t Read More
It’s a well-known truism in business that the great majority of revenues come from a relatively small percentage of highly loyal customers. But in addition to bringing in profits, those people are also a great resource for your customer satisfaction research. Read More
Let’s face it, you’ve had to learn a lot to run your business. Whether its web development, hiring the right people, or creating a killer ad campaign, the skills you master for work make you an expert in your field. So why not take your knowledge on the road? Having spoken to decision-makers, colle Read More
When it comes to direct mail marketing, standing out from the crowd in the home mailbox is especially important. It’s one thing to get your outer envelope opened, but are your recipients actually responding to your piece as well? In a field of intense competition, every little edge can help. Here a Read More
If you’re scrimping on market research you may undermine your strategic marketing planning, so locating and using affordable resources for market data is a great find. Good data improves your strategic planning and helps to ensure you are fully in tune with all of your critical customer demographic Read More
So you own a small business with a simple, basic website. Perhaps you built it yourself, or maybe you hired a company to develop it for you. Now ask yourself: does the site currently reflect well on your business and your brand, or could it use an update to reflect who you are today? To make your w Read More
You may be alienating some customers without knowing it. And in this era of instant communication, it’s easier than ever for customers to share their horror stories and damage your brand’s reputation. Use these tips to avoid sending unintended messages while boosting your customer relationship-buil Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!