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Nobody wants to be charged more, even if it’s for convenience. So if you are a company planning to pass along the surcharge to customers, here are three ways you can make this transition a little less stressful for your loyal buyers. Read More
There is a psychological affect when someone is told a story. They tune in closer and are ultimately more likely to make a purchase because of the emotional connection they feel on a subconcious level with your brand. Here's how to use storytelling in your marketing to help drive sales. Read More
In today’s working world, business moves at the speed of light. This often means business owners are relying more on mobile devices to act as virtual offices and assistants. If you are a smartphone user, you probably have waded into the app market looking for tools to make your life easier. Here ar Read More
It may be only September, but holiday marketing planning is in full effect. Every year there are trends to follow and new avenues to explore. A quick look at the landscape will show you what worked with holiday marketing in 2011 and what is trending this year. Here are three tips to start integrati Read More
Knowing that content curation can help establish your business as an expert, how does one go about pulling together content without easily getting overwhelmed by countless articles on the Internet? Here are five tools available that will help you find great information, put it together, and create Read More

Four Ways to Tie in Offline Marketing With Online

Four Ways to Tie in Offline Marketing With Online - http://www.corpnet.com Avatar Posted by smpayton under Online Marketing
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Make sure your offline marketing ties in to what you're doing online on your website, blogs, and social media. Tie in a strategy that works both online and offline. Read More
Branding your company effectively helps people recognize your logo wherever they see it. Make branding a part of your small business strategy. Use these tips to establish your own brand. Read More
Preparing an elevator speech can help you concisely explain what your business does. Don't get caught mumbling and stumbling over your explanation! Use these tips to craft your own. Read More
Infographics are everywhere! These new graphic stories distill complex sets of information into easy-to-understand visuals. They are fun to look at, and easy to comprehend. But to anyone who has been working on site tags and back links, their SEO value might seem insignificant because infographics Read More
These days so much time and money is spent on online marketing that often there are no funds left for the traditional brochure. Many business owners feel a brochure is outdated and unnecessary, and prefer directing people to their website and social networking sites in order to engage potential cus Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!