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Stephen Jagger and I sat down and penned these rules in 2008 when we were writing Sociable! – the tools have since evolved but the rules are even more relevant today then they were back then. We started with 7 rules and recently I added two more which I will share with you today. Before reading the Read More
Some people seem to think everything you say is aimed at them. Even your most innocent remark triggers tears or anger. People like this can seem very difficult people to handle. So how do you respond with appropriate assertiveness when someone takes everything you say personally? There are three si Read More
The speaking industry is global, which expands a speaker’s opportunities beyond their own country. International speaking can be quite lucrative, and at some point in your career you might want to think about taking that leap. But every country has their own culture, and written or unwritten rules Read More
Would you like to improve your business relationships and managerial impact in a multi-cultural workplace? Are you seeing productivity losses due to cultural misunderstandings? If you're in a position where you're managing across cultures, you'll benefit from this presentation by Rochelle Kopp. Read More
The Apple Watch, not the iWatch, has now been on wrists for at least several weeks. So far, even with some first-gen hiccups, the Apple Watch has proven to be a well-constructed smartwatch that should come in handy for small business owners thanks to the eight following apps. Read More
SEO is easy to pick up, but very difficult to master. Anyone who spends a few hours learning the fundamental pillars of SEO can get a relatively firm grasp on the basics — including keeping your site updated, harnessing the power of great content, building external links, and getting involved on so Read More
Social selling and social media use by salespeople is a hot topic. Many people who use Twitter and Facebook shun their use for sales, a lot of this can be attributed to poor practices and lack of skill on the behalf of motivated yet often tactless salespeople. I asked the experts what they think th Read More
Here’s a more interesting question though – do you relax as hard as you work? Do you optimize your downtime as much as you do your work and productivity?

Most people don’t.

And that’s why there is so much unhappiness and lack of excitement in high performers.

Let’s put an end to it. Let’s Read More
The domain of green businesses has become a vast pool of market potential, ready to embrace various new and exciting, but also socially and environmentally beneficial entrepreneurial ideas. Read More
Just got home after one of the best event weekends that I can remember, in a long, long time. In this post you'll get a recap of the weekend and learn WHY I joined this company in the first place... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!