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This is the time where we as Hoteliers need to be bold and innovative with new technology, transactional customer experience and prepare for the next chapter for the Hotel Industry.

Is your Hotel ready to make a blast with new transactional customer experiences?

Being an Read More
Do you want to learn the science that will create a new experience and fuel new results for your Hotel? Kimpton Hotel new Social Experiment reveals innovation and creativity that will surprise and delight Millennials. Read More
Are you ready to discover How the Growth of Business and Leisure Will Help Create a New Momentum that Drives Greater ROI for Hotels?

The rapid growth of business travel extended for leisure, or Bleisure will reshape the Hotel Experience and drive new exciting opportunities. Read More
Are you ready to discover some new innovative and creative ways to induce Happiness and enable your Hotel to Scale Productivity and Revenue?

To me Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspect Read More
Is your Hotel ready to start capturing the next generation traveler and scaling the customer experience?

Today travelers can and do prepare for every aspect of any experience, big or small. Whether they’re taking a vacation across the globe or dining at a neighborhood café, people have Read More

Customer Service A Dying Art

Customer Service A Dying Art - Avatar Posted by AreMorch under Customer Service
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Today Customer Service is a dying art for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry. If you are a Hotelie by heart, worked for a Hotel or in the Hospitality Industry you been positioned to believe that customer service is the key to success. Customer Service has been the core of your role as a servant fo Read More
Improving Online Visibility is the primary outcome most Hotels today look to achieve with their Social Media Marketing strategy. But most Hotels find it challenging to create immediate results in a disruptive and crowded marketplace.

In the digital world, we live in today transactions Read More
It is time for Hotels to start taking advantage of the biggest opportunity in decades to optimize new edgy Hotel Strategies. Experience is the secret juice that makes customer open their tech wallets. Read More
Social Media alone is not designed to obtain more attractive customers for your Hotel. There has to be a creative connection between Hotel Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Social Media makes up the community, and Hotel Marketing makes up the marketplace. Don’t confuse the two!! Read More
Today with all the disruptions that we experience as a result of technology, media, new media and Social Media it is critical that Hotels understand both Social Media Listening and Reputation Management.

The flow of information good or bad can be overwhelming. We have now come to the p Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!