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We all know it’s a lot easier to sell something to someone who has bought from us before. Knowing this, I habitually make a personal contact with 5 past customers during the first month of every quarter. (By the way, that’s one terrific best practice. For me, the 20 per year is perfect. For you Read More
Serious decisions require a lot of information. They also require a lot more than information. Some things about buying haven’t changed, and aren’t likely to change. Read More
Any recommendations that would violate the building of trust, that indicate that you lack integrity, or that prove that you are dishonest is simply awful advice. Read More
With all the advancements in sales, it seems many sale people are loosing site of their role, driving revenue. While no would advocate a return to hard selling, has the pendulum swung to far and caused sales to become soft, and as a result less effective? Read More
What makes great hunters in sales is the fact that they, more than anyone else, observe the law of the farm. Read More

1. to move by argument, entreaty, or expostulation to a belief, position, or course of action
2. to plead with; urge

The notion that the fundamental job of a sales or marketing professional is to persuade prospects to take some “course of action,” as Merriam-Webster puts it, Read More
While you are sleeping, someone who is willing to outwork you is outselling you. The great game of sales is all about hustle. You have to close the hustle gap. Read More
YPS has a client south-O-the-border that provides a never-ending stream of insights along with new perspectives on proven best practices. Just last week, I watched an exchange between their sales leader and one of the top reps that hit me (and the rest of the group) right between the eyes. It pla Read More
While technology is important and continues to contribute to and improve B2B selling, it is not a replacement for the sales professional. True sales professionals can and do engage those who automation misses, which just happens to be the majority of the potential market. Read More

Why Sales is Broken

Why Sales is Broken - http://thesalesblog.com Avatar Posted by iannarino under Sales
From http://thesalesblog.com 4092 days ago
There are all kinds of ideas about why sales is broken. Selling is broken because of a lack of honesty and integrity. But not on the part of salespeople alone. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!