Perhaps it is because so much of our communication is done over the internet?

Perhaps because we deal with many faceless 'business relationships' in our web 2.0 world?

Perhaps because we are flat out lazy?

No matter what the reason, the fine art of follow through seems to be disappearing from our communication strategy. Not only is this bad business, this is rude. Read More
A friend of mine said “I no longer buy from companies that don’t use a CRM solution.“ Curious, I asked why? The answer surprised me. ”Well, I want to be sure I will get the best service — and if they don’t have a CRM solution, how are they going to do that!”, he replied. Over the last couple of years, my friend realized that the companies that provided the best services more often than not, utilized a CRM solution. Read More
What almost seemed like a fad in the mid 90s is now a way of life… or is it? If you read some of the recent pundit analysis on CRM usage, you will find that most companies have not completely adopted CRM — and those that have, not all of them have done it successfully (which is a whole different subject for another time). Read More
CRM Software exists to help you retain your existing clients and acquire new ones. Because of the efficiencies you will realize your team will be more productive resulting in higher earnings which can be used to grow your business. Read More
Business executives must “own” CRM projects, from identifying goals and objectives to defining supporting business processes and metrics to ensuring adequate funding for implementation and support. Upper management buy-in and leadership is critical to the success of any CRM initiative. Read More
Find a way to give a little extra to your clients and see how you can become an industry leader. A great example from a Calgary PR company and how you might “think outside the box” to do the same Read More
Our recent analysis of phone calls made by patients reveals that less than half of the calls made result in a conversation between the patient and the clinic. This poor customer service is obviously costing the clinics business. Read more about these statistics here Read More
A commenter to our workplace honoree video questions the ability of the company's younger employees to deliver excellent service. This post explains how the business, a moving and storage services fi Read More
In the world of e-commerce there’s no customer service desk or associates wandering the aisles armed with helpful tidbits about your products and services. In fact, an e-commerce site can be an impersonal environment, where customers may not know where to go for answers. It’s up to you to create an online customer service strategy that gets customers engaged… Read More
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!